Tips for bringing home that new puppy
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1. If you are buying from the breeder, take a towel or rag (preferrably terry cloth) to wipe on the mother to get her scent. Put this in the crate where the new puppy will be staying. This might make the transition to the new home go a little smoother

2. Make sure you have a crate that is just big enough for the puppy to stand up, stretch out and turn around in. You don't want it too big because the puppy might go potty in it. This will make your housebreaking go easier and keep the puppy safe.

3. Keep the puppy in the crate unless you are paying attention to it. Take it out every couple of hours to go to the bathroom.

4. Do not put food and water in the crate as long as you are working on housebreaking.

5. When you have the puppy outside of the crate, keep it on a leash at all times (even when you are inside your home). This will help you to make your corrections on the puppy faster and keep the puppy safer. It is a lot less of chasing the puppy around and less tiring on you.

6. Call your local dog training club and enroll in a puppy kindgergarten class ASAP.